About Us

Viyest Interior Design is a group consisting of home renovation contractors and other industry related professionals such as carpenters, interior design professionals, plumbers and electricians. We provide full renovation services and interior design services to customers in the Klang Valley for the past 10 years.

Our business success has been founded upon the twin principles of high quality workmanship and competitive pricing. We have created many satisfied customers, referrals for the past 10 years and will continue to do so in the future

Some of the features that set us apart from other companies are:、

1. Experience in related fields

We are not strictly an interior design firm; we do have design expertise in our team who is very competent in helping customers gain inputs into the latest designs options available. We believe that working very closely with you on the design can save you considerable amount of money as we build your dream home.

2. The process begins with you

We pay close attention to what you want and capture the vision you have of your dream house. Our job is to turn your vision into a reality. Therefore, all our projects begin with the client and their goals and expectations.

3. Providing valuable inputs and suggestions

We also help clients enhance and improve on their vision by providing valuable value added inputs and suggestions into the design submitted by the clients. These additional options and choices benefit our clients tremendously.

4. Maximizing Design and Material Quality based on Available Budget

Based on the client’s budget we maximize the design options and material quality making sure that you will get the best design and material quality and yet stay within your budget.

5. Provide Professional Renovation Services

Our team of skilled and well trained workers ensures that the job is completed on schedule and it exceeds customer expectation.

6. Regular Update of Progress

We will give regular update to you as the work is in progress to ensure a stress free renovation experience.

For many years we have been using the above proven formula from small and simple home renovations and interior design to full-size and complete overhaul services.

Free Detailed Quotes

Contact us for free detailed quotes. You will find our prices to be highly competitive.